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Sik Silk - The Streetwear Success Story

Posted on June 28 2017

Who are Sik Silk?

When three friends from Scarborough in the United Kingdom, Barry Gill, Sam Kay and David Thomson set out to create something original they hit a home run with Sik Silk. These guys were best friends with one thing in common a love for streetwear fashion. In the beginning they started by designing Caps wanting to create something different and original. The caps had that Sik Silk signature crest logo embroidered on the front giving it that distinct look that we are all so familiar with now. The caps were on fire and desired by every who's who in the streetwear scene from there it wasn't long after where they spotted a gap in the market for trends that were happening in the states but were not available in the UK.

The Sik Silk Baseball Tee 2012

After realizing there was nothing like that in Europe, The Baseball tee is where the magic happened and the brand started go snowball and gather momentum. The guys set out to take advantage and copy the look with their own version. Sik silk from the start has always set themselves miles apart from the rest by creating something unique, beautiful and on trend. The true genius was their vision of where to bring streetwear looks but with a different twist. 

Barry said: “We found out you couldn’t get American apparel in England. We realized it was about to become really popular and managed to start doing it a year before it really took off."

“We released a baseball jersey and sold them to start with. The big moment came when we got our first store interest.”

Quote Credit The Scarborough News

These three enraptures had few hopes and dreams, the things they have achieved since then are beyond belief and all down to some extreme hard work, determination, good positivity and strong support network.

sik silk baseball teesik silk ireland

Sik Silk Brand Recognition June 2013

Every brand need traction and sik silk certainly had plenty of that. The label was starting to get a lot of attention from various celebrates and football players. Gary Beadle and Scoty T from the Hit MTV reality show Geordie Shore were big fans, Gary even contacted the boys after recognized something great in the brand and wanted to stock it in his store "Project 722" in Gateshead, United Kingdom. With Gary's help marketing and modelling the brand, it blasted Sik Silk into the stratosphere.

gary geordie shore sik silkronaldo wearing sik silk

Credit : On Twitter

 Sik Silk The Growth of the Brand 2014

sik silk ireland

Pic Credit Sik Silk Tumbler

With the guys working hard and coming up with new fresh designs things were really starting to snowball. The guys were approached by a number of agencies and decided to go with one located in London in order to showcase the brand in showrooms in the fashion capital. Next up they secured a massive deal with Footasylm where Sik Silk became their fastest selling brand of the year. Up until this point the guys had been selling exclusively online and stockpiled the boxes of merchandise in the spare rooms at home. It wasn't long before they needed more space, so they decided to move and secured a warehouse located in Scarborough business park where they now have a full team of employees bringing things to the next level.

Sik Silk Worldwide Success 2016

With the rapid growth and a need to supply to a wider consumer base, the guys decided to take their brand west (no not Ireland). They set their eyes on the States and after a trip to Las Vegas the guys met with retail giant Footlocker who jumped at the chance to ride the Sik Silk gravy train. Soon after that US singer Tre Songz wore a Sik Silk baseball jersey to RnB star Usher’s party.That was it the yanks were sold.

These three guys put their heart and sole into the brand and a belief they could create something different with an edge. After maxing out credit cards and giving up their day jobs the boys dedication and hard work is now paying off and living the dream as Sik Silk rapidly expands across Europe and now reaching as far as Australia. Sik Silk is truly a worldwide success story and we at are very excited to be part of it.

“None of us have business experience and to be honest it’s still a shock. It was definitely a risk that paid off,”- Barry.

Quote credit Scarborough News

As we say here at FTK

 "Nothing is Impossible, Live your dream"

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