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Nicce - The Bedroom Brand Success Story

Posted on October 17 2019

Nicce  "NII - CHEE"

First off lets address the big fat mispronunciation in the room. Never in my life have I heard so many versions of the same word. It's like that awkward name your parents gave you and you spend the rest of your life frowning at every person you meet that gets its wrong. So lets get this one straight from the get go, How do you pronounce the Brand Nicce ? The correct way is  "Knee - Chee" . The London label is probably more familiar than most about how notorious the fashion world can be for producing names that sneakily don’t sound as they seem to appear in spelling. The Roots of the name stem from the expression "Niiiiiiicce"  where an elongation of the ‘i’ in ‘nice’ is used to express a positive sentiment. Pronunciation evolved to "nee-chee" because of the double ‘C’. In the summer of 2019 Nicce sent Harry Pinero down to Woo Hah Festival in the Netherlands to check out how festival goes pounced the iconic Brand Name. Here's how he got on, check it out 😂


 Where did Nicce Begin ?

Founded in 2013 by Mitchel Galvin-Farnol. This young entrepreneur set his sights on creating a clean but distinctive quality brand. Noticing a gap in the market Mitchel set about creating a no fuss, simple design brand. In an interview with Made In Shoreditch Magazine Mitchel says " I’ve always been interested in fashion but after I’d done my first season working in Ibiza, I really got drawn into the fashion world – the island and its people, especially those who work there, have a really cool style and it got me thinking about how I could introduce a clothing brand that these types of people would want to wear. Nicce was born."

On returning from Ibiza Mitchel forged a brand that would embody a community driven ethos, determined to deliver bold, cleancut designs that would disrupt the exclusive and hype orientated global streetwear landscape. The NICCE logo was originally placed on tees hand printed by Mitchel using a DIY bedroom set-up. The original screens sit in Nicce HQ office in London as a reminder of humble beginnings.

Nicce original printing screen


 With just £300 to his name and a clear vision, Mitchel set-up shop in his bedroom. Through trial and error he started producing the first collections and after drafting in his mum for label stitching duty, he hit the streets.

Been well connected across the music scene, Mitchel droped his shirts on the backs of friends, family and dj's from London to Ibiza. The Nicce movement began and attention caught the eye of a number of leading UK retailers. Mitchel secured a landmark order from one of the UK’s largest high street retailers, all the while continuing to operate from his bedroom. With a rebellious attitude and a bold approach that saw him unafraid to take risks, in just five years NICCE has scaled from Mitchel’s bedroom to their Bethnal Green warehouse HQ, feeding a global distribution network.

Bedroom brands have been the 'shake up' the fashion industry has been craving and these guys are here now and making moves. It's a new and beautiful world we live in. As they say 'Out with the old and in with the new'.  

Future and Vision

Nicce has always stayed true to the original vision but refuse to stay static. Each collection evolves slightly that allows the brand to really come together collectively. Here at FTK we love to see those lookbooks come through and working with the evolution of the brand really excites us. Their playful attitude and passion for colour, tech and materials is where their strength is. Currently Nicce can be seen in almost 500 doors across the UK, Europe USA and Australia, in top retailers like JD, Footasylm, House of Fraser & Urban Outfitters to name but a few. 

Nicce sweatshirts

Nicce have mastered social media by building a devoted following to the movement by delivering inspiring images daily to its disciples. Mitchel’s flesh and blood are core to the NICCE story, alongside a loyal squad, from artists on stage to ravers on the floor. It's truly a global community.
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Nicce N Studio

N-Studio, the brand new studio space situated in the new NICCE HQ.
To celebrate both the 5th year anniversary and long-standing roots in music, nicce have built a dedicated studio space open to DJ’s and musicians. Artists are invited down to record tracks, play live sets and host radio shows which will be showcased across the NICCE blog, Soundcloud, Youtube and social channels. N-Studio sits within the wider 2150 sq ft showroom which can be flipped out for events, exhibitions, acoustic sets or as a studio for creatives. The showroom opens up onto a courtyard offering approx. 1930 sq ft of outside space with seating, and the option of a covered area. There is no limit to what can be done within the space here. The proposition is simple - Come to them with an idea to showcase your work and if they like it,  they will help you bring it to life!

Nicce N Studio

With the next Q4 2019 Nicce collection due in very soon- here is a sneak peak at what's on offer from us here at FTK. Clean, simple, seasonally built with quality, it's the perfect choice for him. For 2020 Nicce have moved into denim and we are really excited to see that side grow. A true Global brand with endless potential. 

Nicce Mens collection

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