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Gym King Women's - The luxury Streetwear Brand For Her

Posted on April 26 2018

Are you a Gym Bunny?  Doesn't matter....  Gym King have designed a luxury branded range of gym gear for women that you can wear whilst doing your everyday activities. Hurrah!

New streetwear brands like Gym King, Sik Silk and Ellesse have revolutionized leisurewear especially for women. Penneys see through leggings have had their day and need to be binned ASAP! 

Launched in October 2017  Gym King Women's rose to immediate success and we are delighted to have this one on board here at FTK Clothing.

As fitness and strength building has become more popular among young adults, they want to show off their bodies but also wear clothing that suits their lifestyle and every day gym habits.

Gym King Women

Cropped Tops for girls are the best selling item from Gym King and Sik Silk as the girls want to wear them oversized and in bold bright colours. Pair them with ripped Mom Jeans (for anyone who doesn't know what Mom jeans are think of the high rise jeans from the 80's and tighten them slightly) and adding a pair of fishnet tights underneath. Or fish net ankle socks!

Sik Silk Crop Tops

For the actual gym goers leggings with branding down the seam or around the cuff is a big look. The quality in these leggings are amazing and super comfortable. Pair these with a matching bra-let top with your toned and tanned midriff on show.

Gym King Women's Leggings

This style is very popular with the celebrities and bloggers at the moment. Lauren Pope is a big fan of Gym King Women and wears it on a daily basis. She even styled her Gym King Joggers with sock boots recently and managed to make it look tres chic.

 Lauren Pope Gym King Women's

Credit: Lauren Pope Follow Her Here

The tracksuit has evolved and has come a long way from the shell suits of the 80's and 90's. Both Gym King and Sik Silk have based their core collection on hoodies and joggers. The ladies have more of a selection with- over the head hoodies, zip through hoodies, over sized sweatshirts and cropped hoodies. Their collection is designed to mix and match items to create your own individual look. 

Gym King, who were originally solely male focused, have managed to cross over to women's wear effortlessly and design a range that encompasses femininity whilst celebrating women's curves and bodies. Subtle details are key, such as branding and it is kept to a minimum, down the seam of leggings/joggers or tone on tone branding on over sized sweatshirts. The iconic GK logo is obviously used as is on the men's to make sure the brand is recognizable. 

Gym King womens Crop tee

Gym King are constantly working on their brand image whilst keeping a high level of quality design and the new women's range is just reinforcing and adding to the the already successful popularity of the brand. 

As Gym King Women grows it is being seen on more and more influential people like Irish Blogger's Suzanne Jackson of SoSueMe Blog. Suzanne posted the arrival of her Gym King Women's order on her Instastories last week and her sister Carla Jackson is a massive fan of Gym King posting pictures of herself wearing it twice this week alone. The gorgeous Carla looks absolutely amazing in the Gym King Poly Joggers smoky blue paired with Kourtney cropped tee.

Carla Jackson in Gym King Women's

Credit : Carla Jackson Instagram Follow her here

FTK is one of the first Independent boutiques in Ireland to stock the Gym King Women's range in store along side the men's and it is available to buy here. Who wants to wait 5 days or more for orders from the UK. Shop now and have your order on your doorstep tomorrow. Keep it local shop local.